Attendance Policies


Missed Lessons

  • The calendar allows for up to 37 weeks of private lessons. Tuition includes 33 private lessons a year.
  • Up to four misses a year are included in the tuition and may not be rescheduled.
  • Students may reschedule lessons when more than 48 hours notice is given.
  • Additional reschedule days may be available throughout the year in the event of family emergencies, school and sporting events at Dr. Van Dyke's discretion.
  • Spring Breaks and Family Vacations are factored into the schedule and may not be rescheduled.
  • Any lessons canceled by Dr. Van Dyke will be rescheduled



Termination of Scheduled Lessons

  • One calendar month notification is required when the student has studied for a minimum of one year. There are no settlement fees for books and materials in this situation
  • Students choosing to discontinue lessons before one year has lapsed will be billed a settlement fee to compensate for materials and other fees rolled into the tuition. One month’s notice is required.
  • Last minute termination of lessons will result in a termination fee that will include overhead fees due to the Cincinnati Music Academy for the current month plus any lessons taken at the full per lesson fee based on $88.00 / hour.
  • Late payment fees will be assessed as appropriate



Group Lessons and Studio Recitals

  • Attendance is optional but strongly suggested
  • Students will have choices to determine which class or recital to attend
  • Students must register in advance for these classes
  • Make-up classes will not be offered. Check schedule to see which class is best for you to attend

Evaluation Events and Other Recitals

  • Times for events that have a participation fee cannot be changed once the event deadline has passed.
  • Requests for specific times to perform must be submitted prior to the Registration Deadline
  • Refunds will not be given if you cancel an event after the registration deadline

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