Performance Attire

Students should dress appropriate to the event they are entering. Appropriate attire will often set the stage for success at the many events offered to students studying at the Practice to Prosper Piano Studio. The guidelines suggested below should help in choosing the best outfit to promote self esteem and excellent stage presence.

Formal Recital/Performance


  • Dress of appropriate length (at knee or below)
  • Formal Shoes: Check to make sure that pedaling will not be obstructed
  • Dress Slacks with an appropriate top or designer jacket and shoes are also appropriate



  • Dress shirt and tie with dress slacks
  • Dress Shoes  and dark socks.
  • Appropriate Jacket for the occasion (required age 10 and older)


Performance Venues:

  • Open Competitions
  • Winner's recitals
  • Honors Recitals

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